Buying with Opendoor : RealEstate

I know there are a ton of threads here about Opendoor but nothing in the last few months that I can find. I’m located in Atlanta and have found “the” house. Unfortunately, it’s listed with Opendoor. I managed to get in contact with the original owner, who lived there from the time it was built in 1992 until about two months ago, so I know basically everything wrong with it (the old homeowner had nothing to lose in telling me everything she would have had to fix if she hadn’t sold to Opendoor). From what I can tell, if you buy without a realtor, you can score a better deal but might get screwed. I’ve watched a lot of these homes go for way below Opendoor’s original asking price after sitting on the market for a while. This one has been on the market about 3 weeks with no mark downs so far. Anyone have some advice or an experience to share that could lend some wisdom? Thanks!!

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